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Stephen Stimson Associates was founded in 1992 by Stephen Stimson, FASLA, who was born and raised on a 10th generation dairy farm in central Massachusetts. The firm's regional work is deeply rooted in an agrarian sensibility that is reflected through the use of local materials and simple patterns. Over the past decade SSA's practice has grown increasingly diverse, expanding from intimate gardens to academic campuses and urban parks across the country.

Our team consists of registered landscape architects and an experienced group of designers, project managers, horticulturalists, planners and support staff. An open studio environment allows our projects to benefit from the broad range of expertise, diverse educational backgrounds, and creative input of our entire firm. Our team is enhanced by the duality of an urban and rural studio. Designers and projects benefit from the energy of the urban environment and proximity to many of our project sites, as well as unique plant and ecology knowledge gained from our rural farm and nursery.

We believe in creating enduring, innovative landscapes which express cultural values and a strong environmental ethic. Design expression is derived from an understanding of the regional landscape, specific conditions of the site and the needs of the program. Inspiration is taken equally from environmental factors such as geology, vegetation, history and culture. Through our experience, we have maintained a commitment to creating finely-crafted landscapes that are always culturally relevant and unique to the site's context.

We acknowledge that landscapes are not static and will continue to evolve over time, long after a project's opening day. A successful site will have a framework that is strong and flexible enough to adapt to any changes that arise based on user needs, environmental factors, or management strategies. We are committed to a culture of collaboration between design disciplines and our clients, and the long-term environmental stewardship of our landscapes.